Drive Customers To Eagerly Visit Your Business & Buy What You Offer...

Get your customers to literally hand you money for what you offer in your business and practically do all the advertising for you! But before we continue, check out the video below to understand why have you arrived on this page in first place.

By the way, you arrived here because you wanted me to build you an Android App for your business,

Free of Charge!

 From the desk of Samuel Edyson,

Good to know that this is your lucky day. Most business get their Android app after being charged $500 - $2,000 upfront fee and then $297 - $497 monthly just to host your app in their system and developer account, but you get to have it for FREE (Terms & Conditions Apply).

But let's face it, having an App for Android is not enough. Your customers also use iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Sooner or later, they will want to request iOS app of your business as well.

If you think paying $500 - $2,000 for an Android App is expensive, think again after searching in Google or Elance. They charge anywhere near $2,000 - $10,000 for iOS App and then $497 - $997 monthly for hosting. They charge that hefty price because they know how difficult it is to develop app for iOS system and their developer account, and the fact that having an iOS App is a tremendous asset to your business that you just can't ignore.

To top that off, having Apps for your brand is not enough if you don't utilize the methods of mobile marketing that can drive up to 400% customers increase for your business.

Mobile Marketing Method #1 - Push Notification

The ability to send Push Notifications is the key success to getting loyal repeat customers to your business. If you can successfully plant the idea in your customers' mind that every Push Notifications you send will contain value of significance (e.g. discounts, commissions, etc), then you are on the right track. Sending Push Notifications is as easy as few clicks away with us.

Price of sending a one-time Push Notification - $37

Price of monthly Push Notification plan - $57/month

Mobile Marketing Method #2 - Email Marketing

We all know that email marketing's effectiveness is reduced due to their notoriety nature of spam, but it's still an effective marketing method today. People will expect emails if you can give them value (e.g. information articles, discounts, commissions, etc)

Sending an email is easy and free if you have your own website and email autorresponder. If you don't, you are going to have hard time sending promotions using manual methods.

Price of sending a one-time Email Marketing promotion - $47

Price of monthly Email Marketing promotion plan - $77/month

Custom design of email graphics - $97 to 497/graphic

Mobile Marketing Method #3 - Viral Social Sharing

They say a pleased customer will turn loyal, rewarding you by referring your business/brand to other potential customers. It is the driving force of marketing that has been used until today, with most vehicle being used are the social network such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What you can do is to hide a valuable content (e.g. discount coupons, deals package, etc) where customers must fulfill one of the given task in order to unlock the content, such as share on Facebook, like a Facebook page or tweet about the page. Things will go viral, and your loyal customers are marketing your business/brand for free!

Price of installing a one-time Social Share software/script - $197

Price of hosting a website along with the script - $47/month

Look at all these price tags!

  • Android App - $500 - $2,000 upfront fee, then $297 to $497 monthly thereafter.
  • Android Developer Account - $25 upfront account access fee.
  • iOS App - $2,000 - $10,000 upfront fee, then $497 to $997 monthly thereafter.
  • iOS Developer Account - $99/year account access fee.
  • Mobile Marketing Method #1 (Push Notification) - $37/campaign or $57/month (up to 4 campaigns).
  • Mobile Marketing Method #2 (Email Marketing) - $47/campaign or $77/month (up to 8 campaigns).
  • Email Marketing custom graphic designs $97 to $497 per campaign.
  • Mobile Marketing Method #3 (Viral Social Sharing) - $197 one-time setup fee and $47/month script hosting.

By creating Android App with us, you have just saved $500 to $2,000 upfront fee!

But the fact is, you still need to pay a lot of stuff if you have seen the price tags above, amounting to total of at least $2,903 and monthly payment of $1,171. That means if you are ready to jump in and get up to 400% increase in profit and high amount of loyal customers, you need to pay at least $4,074 the first month and then $1,171 monthly thereafter. That's a lot of numbers for your monthly credit card bill.

"If you are ready to jump in and get up to 400% increase in profit and high amount of loyal customers, you need to pay at least $4,074 the first month and then $1,171 monthly thereafter." - Blogregate Apps

That is totally ridiculous to spend that much money every month!!

So here's what I'd like to offer. I am located in Indonesia and I am the CEO, marketing, programmer and developer of my own company, Blogregate Apps Builder. Since I do everything myself and I often outsource works to fellow programmer colleagues, I don't have the overhead cost of the big companies. You will find that our packages are incredibly low, so low that many people will question why. Contact me personally and I'll tell you why.

Apps Package 1

  • Build both Android App & iOS App Free of Charge. Monthly payment of $97Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • Click here for yearly payment of $697 (save $467).
  • All marketing packages included. Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • No upfront payment or setup fee. Custom graphics design is at 50% discounts.
Blogregate Apps for Business Package 1D

Apps Package 2

  • Build both Android App & iOS App at $150 upfront fee ($217 1st month and $67/month thereafter). Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • Click here - 1st year $847 & then $497 thereafter (save $492).
  • All marketing packages included. Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • Custom graphics design is at 25% discounts.
Blogregate Apps for Business Package 4D

This only stays open for 72 hours!

That's the thing. With this pricing, I don't know when I will be able to keep this up. Due to the nature of this development work where there's a steep discounts, I will only keep this for the next 3 days, that's 72 hours from now. I urge you to make your decision and lock-in to this discounted price right now. Because come 72 hours, I will be raising the prices at least another 100%.

Take action and start today!

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